Restream Monitor - is a special tool that allows you to easily see incoming and outgoing streams data for all of your connected platforms, with a sleek intuitive interface.

This brand new tool will help you to diagnose and find issues within your streaming sessions and maximize viewer experience across all of your destinations!

How to use?!

You can easily access your monitor in the right side menu of the website. Or just click here!

Here is your stream history displayed along with the duration. Simply click on the specific stream to proceed to the monitor itself.

Let's take a look at its simple interface.

Here we have our incoming stream data, which can be accessed after the stream is finished.

Data displayed on the bar:

  • Bitrate (the average number for the duration of your current session)

  • Keyframe interval (the average number for the duration of your current session)

  • FPS (the average number for the duration of your current session)

  • Frame drops

  • Video codec

  • Audio codec

  • Audio frequency 

  • Resolution

We can diagnose if something is going wrong by comparing this data to our encoding settings.

Restream Monitor will help you diagnose, understand and resolve the problems with your streams and have the best multi-streaming experience!  

Important tip: Check out this awesome article if you want to maximize benefits of Restream monitor and learn how analyze the data!

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