BroadcastMe - is an ios application that allows you to stream from your mobile phone.Β 

Important: Any application that allows you to stream to "RTMP server" can be used with our service

Notice: It seems that BroadcastMe app is currently available only in the US store. You can use any other application that has "RTMP server" option.

So let's see how to connect the application. Keep in mind that you need to purchase it or the trial version allows only 30-second streams.

How to connect BroadcastMe to Restream

1. Start the application and log in.

2. Go to Broadcast Me settings. Here you can set up the resolution, frame rate, keyframe, and bitrate. The option that we need is a "Server URL" which we need to set up.

Tip: Keyframe is displayed in frames, so to have 2 seconds keyframe interval you need to have 60 frames if you stream 30 fps and 120 keyframe intervals if you stream with 60fps.

3. Chose Edit on server URL and enter your Restream link in combination with the key.

Important: To generate a link just copy your RTMP URL on the Restream dashboard and add your key after. So your link will look like this - rtmp://**5*_***467****sd******fs*****45

4. Just hit "Done" after you entered the link. You can add few links (destinations) in the application and save them, so it will be easy to choose from each one every time you go live.

5. After that, you are ready to go live. Simply start a stream and we will do the rest!

Tip: Do not forget to add and enable all the platforms you want to stream to.

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