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How to Connect OBS Studio to Restream
How to Connect OBS Studio to Restream
Learn how to set up and use Restream with OBS. Full guide for connecting OBS to Restream.
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OBS Studio is an awesome free-to-use and open-source streaming option! This guide will show you how to download, install, set up, and connect it to Restream!

In this article, we will cover:

🧐 How to connect OBS to Restream

  1. Download OBS Studio to your computer.

  2. You will be asked if you want to run the "Auto-Configuration Wizard." We will set things up manually. Please click "No" and then "OK."

  3. Inside OBS Studio, press the "Settings" button in the lower right-hand corner.

  4. Choose "Stream" on the left sidebar. For the "Service" drop-down menu, select "" and click the "Use Stream Key" button.

    Connect OBS to Restream

  5. Open Restream Encoder page in a separate window and copy your "Stream Key."

    Connect OBS to Restream

  6. Paste the "Stream key" in OBS. Leave "Ignore streaming service setting recommendations" unchecked.

    Connect OBS to Restream

  7. On the left sidebar of the Settings window, click "Output".

    You will need to do a few things here:

    • Change Output mode to Advanced

    • Make sure "Rescale Output" is unchecked

    • Set "Rate Control" to "CBR"

    • Set "Bitrate" to 3800

    • Set "Keyframe Interval" to 2 seconds

    • Set "Profile" to "Main"

    Connect OBS to Restream

  8. Press "Video" on the left sidebar. For both "Base (Canvas) Resolution" and "Output (Scaled) Resolution," select (or type in) 1280x720.

    Connect OBS to Restream

  9. On the left sidebar of the Settings window, press "Advanced Settings". For Color Format, please choose NV12; for Colour Space, choose 709 for best compatibility. Then click "OK."

OBS Studio is now fully ready to stream πŸŽ‰

🧐 Monitoring Your Stream's Health

While streaming, you will see a few statistics at the bottom of the window.

You will want Dropped Frames to be at 0%. This is the number of frames that you have dropped in total. If frames are dropping, that typically means you are overtasking your computer or internet. If you're dropping frames, you can try setting your "CPU Preset" in OBS' Output settings to something faster.

CPU should be less than 80% (50% if you're gaming). If this reaches 100%, it can result in dropped frames. You can try setting your "CPU Preset" in OBS' Output settings to something faster if this is an issue.

Stream Indicator should be in the green as much as possible. Dips into yellow are okay. If it dips into the red or stays in yellow, you may need to tinker with your bitrate and other encoding settings.

πŸ‘‰ Next steps

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