1. Open the Restream Chat Application for Windows and log in:

2. Click the Gear icon in the top Right:

3. Navigate to the "Bot" tab on the left side of settings window:

4. Enable bot to be able to use Bot Actions:

5. If you want your messages to be relayed between all connected platforms, you can enable relaying option. Read about it in a separate article: 

6. To create a new action, click the "New action" button:

7. Next, select action type. There's a list of:

  • Send message - send a single message on trigger
  • Send random text from the list - send a random message on trigger
  • Send text file content - read a designated file content and send it as a message on trigger
  • Show help for specified command - displays description of a command
  • Run application/script or open URL - launches a designated file on your PC

8. Description field will allow your users to get information about a command, and will be displayed next to the command in the list (see step 6):

9. You can use a list of variables in your messages. It includes:

  • A list of your commands in a single message;
  • A list of your connected channel URLs;
  • Time on your system clock;
  • Nickname of a user who triggered the command.

10. You can setup automatic command trigger on timer. It may be useful to remind users to subscribe, or ask for donations. You can setup timer to a "set random text from the list" event to get the best of this option.

11. For each command you can allow users to execute it by setting up "Chat command" option, as well as allow triggering of each command by a keyword from a chat.

12. If you want some commands to be activated on your vocal command, you can activate speech recognition:

13. Bot will get triggered when you hold a button (default is Ctrl), and say a command into your microphone:

Note: Speech recognition will only work if you have it enabled in your windows settings.

Now you know everything you need to use Restream bot to it's best! Stay automatized! 


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