We provide users more than 30 platforms to stream to for free, without displaying any third party ads on our service. However, maintaining such a big platform is a hard and expensive task! To assist us in keeping the majority of our platform free and without interfering advertisements, we have a couple of plans which will help you grow and reach your audience even faster or make your business more efficient! 

Can I get a trial?! 

We do not offer free trials for our paid services, however, you are free to get a monthly subscription and have a 7-day money back guarantee for every function separately, but only if you had not used it before. After 7 day period, your purchase considered as complete!

Let's check our pricing page which allows you to choose plans and apply special features to your account.

The pricing is divided into two sections Individual and Company. 

First you will see the individual plans sections, where you can choose the plan for personal use only!

Individual plans are:

The plans entitled for companies and organizations:

We also offer Transcoding hours presented as an add-on for your plan! 

All plans include different amount of features and traits you can learn about by placing your cursor over the tool-tip icon.

Some of the main features that can be included into the plan of your choice are:

You can learn more about each of the features above by clicking on its name and checking the guidance material about it. 

Important Notice: If you need more than 10 extra destinations, you should choose our Business plan. If you need more than 20 extra destinations, please apply for our Enterprise plans.

Now let's move to the payment process and options you have there

Let's use the example of purchasing Standard plan:

The Monthly or Yearly option determines how long your subscription will last. Monthly is charged every 30 days and yearly is charged every 365 days. 

You can also use a promo code if you have any, to get an additional discount!

After deciding on the amount and type just click "Pay" button and wait for the system to process. 

You will receive a notification that your payment was complete! Enjoy your time using Restream!

And Thank You for supporting Restream.io!

Ask Questions 

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our 24/7 support team! Click the chat icon at the lower right-hand corner of your screen to ask a question


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