Standard plan is a great option for any streamer who wants to attract more audiences from all over the world. The Standard plan offers everything that is included in the Free plan and more! You can stream to Facebook groups and pages, as well as your personal profile. The standard plan provides one Custom Destination, meaning you can add a Custom RTMP to stream to your own server, a second account on YouTube or Twitch, etc.

The Standard plan also provides some great additional benefits when using Restream Studio as it allows you to remove Restream branding and upload your own custom graphics. In addition to all these features, you can also have up to 10 people inside your live streams (you and up to 9 guests) - which is 4 more than the Free plan covers! People mostly choose this plan for streaming to a Facebook group and YouTube without Restream branding.

*We offer both monthly and yearly subscriptions. The price you see is in USD and based on monthly subscription.

What's included in the plan?

✅ Everything from our Free plan.

✅ 1 Custom Destination which can be used to add 1 channel of custom service (such as Vimeo) or add more channels of integrated platforms.

✅ Streaming to Facebook Pages or Groups.

Restream Studio. Easily broadcast professional live streams from your browser to 30+ social platforms.

Ability to Remove Restream branding – no more mentions about you using Restream in your stream descriptions and social alerts

Your own logo and graphics. Make your stream on-brand with your own logo. Add custom images on top of your stream (overlays) and behind them (backgrounds).

✅ The first 6 hours of every stream are recorded and stored for 15 days.

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