Restream branding is a single line added to description of your streams or to social alert messages which looks like this:

Multistreaming with

This message for a long time was a way for Restream to keep API connections and our platform features free, that we still do. We add it as a 'payment' for connecting platforms and using our services - traffic for multi casting and chat. This line is added only as a text next to the video, the video itself is not affected.

We've gone a long way and this feature was requested by a lot of professional streamers and companies and we are ready to provide it.

In order for you to be able to remove Restream's branding you will have to get at least Professional subscription from our pricing page here.

Note: All the plans after Professional (Premium, Business) also include this option.

After you've got a subscription with the required options you can simply disable any Restream branding that may be present in your broadcasts.

Simply go to your 'Account Settings' and choose the 'Branding' tab, there you will be able to disable branding and save the changes.

After that your streams and social alerts will be free of any Restream mentions.

Note: some streaming platforms like YouTube may require manual branding removal from description once, after the branding disabled in settings.


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