If you have a single monitor and don't want or can't place your Restream Chat on top of a game you're playing, you can use Steam overlay to receive messages from your stream viewers through Steam Friends. This is easily done with Steam Chat Bot in our Restream Chat.

If you already have a secondary Steam account, proceed to Step 3 of this article, otherwise, start with Step 1.

1. Head over to Steam Login page and click the Join Steam button:

2. Fill in data for your account on the Registration Page:

3. After confirming your account over Email, you need to get this account's page URL. For this, click your secondary account's nickname at the top part of your Steam Client or in the top of your browser page while you're logged in to Steam, then click Profile:

4. Then, copy this Profile Page URL either from your browser address bar, or by clicking anywhere with the right mouse button, and selecting the Copy Page URL option while in Steam client:

5. Open the URL you copied with a browser that is logged in to Steam with your main gaming account, and click the Add Friend button:

6. After you accept a friend request on your secondary account, you can send messages between those:

Tip: If you want to unlock community tools on Steam, you may need to spend 5 USD in Steam Store on your secondary account.

7. Head over to your chat settings, and enter your secondary account registration name, and hit "reconnect":

8. If everything is done right you should start receiving messages from your streaming platform with your bot account. You will also be getting Steam overlay notifications in the corner of your choice if they are enabled, as well as a sound notification from Steam itself:


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