Videon makes hyper-simple hardware encoders that allow users to flawlessly stream high quality video. By integrating their simple and reliable encoder with our core multi-streaming features, we continue to deliver the best streaming experience possible.

Let's take a look at how to setup the Videon Senora!

1. Within the Videon Senora software you'll need to go to your encoder tab and configure the Videon Senora.  

2. Make sure to select the RTMP Tab, then select Restream from the dropdown.

3.  Once selected, some new options will appear. You'll first need to select your Ingest Server; we suggest picking our new Auto Detect server for the best performance.

4.  Now you'll need to head to the Restream Dashboard and copy your Stream Key

5. Then paste it within the Videon Senora software.  

6.  Be sure to toggle the switch at the top over to

7.  Finally we will select Apply and Okay.

That's it! You've finished the connecting your Videon Senora to Restream and are ready to go live; still confused? Check out Videon's Knowledge Base.


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