StreamSpot - How to connect with Restream

StreamSpot multistreaming guide. Follow the steps in this guide to connect Restream to StreamSpot.

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StreamSpot extends the functionality of multi-streaming by allowing you to archive your stream, and having your stream available on AppleTV and Roku! 

How to connect Restream to StreamSpot

 1. Scroll down to the "Syndication" section of your MyStreamSpot Dashboard and click "Restream" at the bottom.  

2. Click on "Enable Integration" 

3. Click "Allow"

4. Go back to your MyStreamSpot Dashboard and click "Launch Scheduler."

5. Select either a one-time broadcast or repeating broadcast

6. Setup the event with a time, title, description, etc. and change Restream to "Yes." Then click "Add Broadcast." 

7. Set up your broadcasting equipment using StreamSpot's guides.

You're all done! Start streaming and watch as your stream is delivered to StreamSpot followed by Restream and your connected platforms.

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