If you'd like to change what kind of emails we send you without unsubscribing from every Restream email, we've got you covered! From your account settings, you can fine-tune what emails you will receive from us. 

Types of emails we send

  • System Alerts (Required) - Important transaction and billing related emails only.

  • Monthly Streaming Reports - Get a monthly streaming report with statistics and insights on how you are performing with Restream.

  • Instant Streaming Report - Get an instant monitor report with in-depth statistics and insights after every stream. 

  • Promotions - These emails may include special upgrade offers, limited-time events, and secret discounts.

  • Product Updates - Important info on new features and products; we may also occasionally ask for feedback. 

  • Blog Digest - A newsletter that includes fun tips on all things streaming.

If you'd like to edit what emails you will receive from Restream, please click on this link and uncheck the emails you would no longer like to receive and click "Save." 

Restream Email Preferences

You will now no longer receive emails from any of the disabled categories. You can follow these same steps to enable any email category. 

Notice: If you would like to change the email we deliver to, please follow the steps here.

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