Congratulations and welcome! Now, when you already have account with Restream, let's get you fully setup with the most common steaming services.

Start bringing your content to multiple platforms, increasing your audience reach, and driving engagement.

Connect YouTube

YouTube, like any other Google product, will help you to reach bigger audience. A lot of people watch YouTube and a lot of people watch YouTube for longer. YouTube doesn't sort video streams by number of users. You always have a chance to appear at a top of any streaming category. It's common to have more engaged audience on YouTube. Set up YouTube:

Connect Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media platform. Your streaming is instantly available for your friends, family, and business network to see. Facebook has very strong push notifications and people are more connected during live streaming. You are almost guaranteed an audience when you stream via FB, however, your video may be less visible after the stream. Streaming to Facebook (Custom RTMP) via Restream requires one of our paid subscriptions.

Connect Twitch

Twitch is the biggest games steaming platform. It's an amazing opportunity to get exposed and get viewed by new possible followers. Live streaming is extremely important for Twitch as content is harder to find after the stream is over. 

Connect Periscope (Twitter)

Live streaming to Twitter will keep your audience engaged, get bigger visibility to your online event, and will provide bigger exposure to your brand! 

Connect Mixer

A live video platform for gamers that breaks the wall between streamers and viewers with interactive controls! The platform focuses on small to medium sized communities that care deeply about viewer experience and involvement.

Connect other services

Steam                      Ustream                         


Ready? Next step to live stream events and more with Restream is:


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