Are you ready to drive engagement with the audience? This will be your step by step guide on how to start multi-streaming with Restream!

Here's the list of things we will go over, if you already know how to do something, you can click to skip ahead!

  1. Signing up with Restream
  2. How to add a channel to Restream
  3. How to connect a streaming software to Restream
  4. Going Live! 

If you have not already; we recommend taking a quick look at our Streaming Terminology guide, some of our steps may mention something that's new to you. There is no need to memorize every term, there's no exams! 😉 

First Step

We are first going to start with setting up your channels with Restream. These will be where your stream is going to be delivered. Go on to the next step to learn how to get started connecting channels to your Restream Dashboard! 


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