Restream enables live streaming to 30+ different platforms. We have no limitation on bitrate, resolution, viewer count, or duration. Our paid plans include the following features (features vary per package):

What do these features mean?

Real-time Channel Management

This feature allows you to edit, remove or add channels to your Restream Dashboard while you are live. As soon as the channel is added, we will start sending data! On the Personal (Free) Restream account, you can add channels while live, however, they will not go live until you restart the stream from your software.

Custom RTMP 

This is how many custom channels you can add to your Restream account. A custom channel can be any destination that accepts RTMP - Wowza or Akamai are some examples. You must already have an RTMP URL and Stream Key (a username and password is possible) from the destination.

Note: This feature does not include an embed URL for a website, you must already have an RTMP player on your site if you wish to stream to your website.  

Restream Events

With Restream Events you can now schedule a live stream in advance and share the link with your audience! Restream Events enable you to set a thumbnail for the event and customize the title and description for your streams.

Pre-recorded Streams

Restream Events also allows streamers to schedule pre-recorded videos to go live without having to be physically present at the time of posting. You can easily upload a local video from your device to your storage or you can schedule a recording of one of your previous streams. It’s an ideal function for streamers looking for a way to streamline day-to-day content creation.

Restream Pairs

With Restream Pairs you can invite guests to add their channels to your scheduled event, allowing you to live stream to both your channels and your guests’ channels, amplifying your views!

Extra Destination

Extra Destination is the Restream paid feature, that allows you to add a Custom RTMP or more than 1 channel of the same platform from our list of 30+ supported platforms.

Branding Removal

Important: At least a Standard plan is required to remove Restream branding.

Here is how Restream branding looks like.

Store Recordings and Split Audio Tracks

Our paid plans allow you to not only record your streams but also store them for a designated period of time, as well as download them to your device. Restream also supports splitting the audio tracks of your recordings to download and repurpose them for your podcast or in any way you please!

Channel Analytics

Ever wanted to track when your most active time was, or even your most-used emoji? Our channel analytics tracks many aspects of your connected channels so that you know where and when your reach is strongest.


An RTMP Pull link is a URL that can be inserted into a streaming software, and the stream will be pulled from Restream. 

RTMP Source

The RTMP Source feature allows bringing any RTMP stream from a 3rd-party tool into your Studio layout and it is ideal if you are looking to use all the Studio functionality, like overlays, captions, logo, chat, and more with your Zoom, OBS, or other streaming software streams.

Fail-Safe Stream Backup

If you have a really important stream that can take even a second of downtime, we recommend our Business plan as it includes Fail-Safe backups. We would take two streams from you (preferably from two different networks) and if one were to go down, we would immediately switch to the other stream. 

Note: This feature is not recommended for 24/7/365 streams due to technical limitations. We do not recommend this feature for streams lasting longer than 120 hours at a single time. 

Premium Support

Although the Personal account does still get 24/7 support, our paid plans include even more premium support. With this feature, our support team can help guide you through setting up streaming software, or recommend applications for your use case!

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