In this article, you will find a list of the most common issues and suggestions on how to troubleshoot them.

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Issues with Restream Studio

Issues with Software/Hardware encoders

Troubleshooting per Platform

Audio quality issues

Other streaming issues

Issues with Restream Studio

Stream doesn't start in Restream Studio.

Learn how to fix the issue in this article.

Video quality issues.

This is one of the most common issues. Learn how to fix the issue in this article.

Live Studio Camera Permissions Denied issue

If you have issues using Restream Studio or get a Permission Denied error, we may not have permission to use your webcam in your web browser. Learn how to fix the issue in this article.

Screensharing feature doesn't work

If you are having issues with a screen sharing feature, please check this article.

Audio missing in Restream Studio

Learn how to fix the issue in this article.

Please note: If you are trying to include audio from multiple sources, such as music from a media player or webpage as well as your microphone, you will need to use an audio mixer to combine the audio together and create a single input device that can be selected in Studio.

The same would apply if you would like to capture audio playing from your desktop without screen sharing and not include microphone audio. Windows had a built-in option for this called Stereo Mix, but with the update to Windows 10, this option is no longer available on many systems as an output option. Instead, you would need to use an audio mixing software such as VB-Audio Cable. On macOS, there is the built-in Audio MIDI Setup for combining inputs and outputs.

Audio missing in Restream Studio while using the Screen sharing feature

Learn how to fix the issue in this article.

Issues with Software/Hardware encoders

Video Issues

Check this article to find out what to do if your stream is lagging, has bad quality or black screen without content.

Network Issues

If stream shuts down spontaneously, doesn't connect to some platforms, you can't connect to Restream or you have a good speed test but bad actual upload speed, check this article.

For additional information please check section for troubleshooting issues related to streaming software.

Troubleshooting per Platform

Stream looks good at one platform, but bad at another one? Check our articles explaining why this might happen:

YouTube and Facebook are the most popular platforms. Here are the most common issues related to these platforms:

Audio quality issues

One of the most common reasons for audio issues is having the stream playing back on the same device that does the encoding. Not only it takes additional CPU resources for decompression, but it may also playback sound of your stream, which leads to echo on the final video.

The solution is simple - mute or stop all your players with the stream preview, and the sound will get fixed instantly. (Try watching your stream on another device)

If all playback seems to be muted, but you still are getting echo on stream - try streaming while wearing headphones as they will lower the chance of the microphone capturing unnecessary sounds.

Check our section for troubleshooting audio quality issues to learn how to fix issues when audio and video are not synched or audio is delayed in a stream.

Other streaming issues

In case you are having issues streaming from a phone, please check this article.

Wonding why your stream lose the first and last portions of the video? Here is the answer.

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