If you experience issues with video/audio quality during the stream, here are a few things you can try to do to solve those issues.

For users that have an ongoing stream

1. Use the WebRTC Tool

You can run this test in Google Chrome while streaming. It will help to understand where the problem is (either CPU or network).

2. Apply Quick Changes

  • Refresh the browser (in order to push re-sync of the internet).

  • Close all unnecessary apps or browser tabs running in the background to conserve as many CPU resources as possible.

  • Decrease resolution of the stream to HD (720P @ 30 FPS) in the Studio Settings

Decrease stream resolution to 720P
  • As well as Video resolution to 480P @ 30 FPS:

Decrease video resolution to 480P
  • If the issue is with the guest - please ask the guest to connect via a different device. Also please check our recommendations for the guests.

  • Use default camera and audio.

  • Change to wired internet connection if possible.

For users that are not currently streaming

1. Check your Internet connection

Internet connection is the most common reason why you're having video quality issues. Please run the following tests in order to confirm if that is the case:

  • Conduct a speed test following this guide. If you get satisfactory results, you can go back to this tab.

If the above step confirmed that Internet speed is an issue, then here are a few suggestions on steps you can take further:

  • Contact your internet service provider to confirm they are not working on the lines and ask them to improve the connection to a certain Restream server.

  • Make sure to use a hardwired connection if possible.

  • Restart and reset up the router if needed.

  • Contact our 24/7 live chat support for additional help and assistance.

2. Check your device

Disable your channels on the Restream dashboard and go live directly to Restream.

Disable your channels on the Restream dashboard

You will not be live anywhere but Restream. If you have a paid plan with us, then you can view a recording of your stream from the Recordings page.

Now, during this test, check to see if there's a lack of free memory or if the CPU is under high load.

For Windows: you can do this by pressing CTRL + Alt + Delete then open Task Manager.

Windows Task Manager

You can check the percentage of CPU and memory load under the Performance tab like this. If you're seeing any percentage above 80%, then it's better to try streaming using Streaming Software like OBS.

How to check percentage of CPU and memory load

For Mac: Open Activity monitor from Launchpad. Idle CPU needs to be at least 20%. If you're seeing any percentage below 20% (which would mean that CPU load is more than 80%), then it's better to try streaming using Streaming Software like OBS.

Percentage of CPU and memory load

Note: Try watching your stream in another browser or another device. Sometimes compressing the stream takes too many resources, and your primary device can't handle the playback of the stream while streaming. Generally, it's better not to have your stream being played back on the streaming device at all.

3. Try streaming to individual platforms

Try streaming to the individual platforms directly without using Restream. If stream quality is bad while streaming directly to the platform, please contact end platform support. Most probably you don't have the necessary permissions for streaming or there is a platform-specific issue.

If streaming directly improves the quality of the stream, there might be an issue connecting to a certain Restream server. You can try streaming to different servers (Speed Test helps to figure out the Restream Server to stream to) using Streaming Software like OBS.

If you have checked all variations described above and you are still experiencing issues with the stream quality, please contact our support. Please let us know about your problems and the exact troubleshooting steps you went through. The support team would be able to run an extensive diagnostic on your account to identify the issues!

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