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Choose a Plan to Stream Pre-recorded Videos
Choose a Plan to Stream Pre-recorded Videos
How to choose a plan to stream pre-recorded videos. Which features are included in different plans? How long can your videos be?
Written by Paul Nguyen
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πŸ€” Which plan should I choose to stream pre-recorded videos?

Your subscription would depend on the type of platforms you would like to stream to and the length and size of your pre-recorded video.

Basic / Free plan

Standard Plan

Professional plan

Premium plan

Business plan

Duration limit

15 min.

30 min.

1 hour

2 hours

4 hours

File size limit






Video Storage

1 video

3 videos

10 videos

25 videos

50 videos

Each package has unique limitations to fit different requirements:

  • Duration Limit - the maximum length of your video. For example, if you have the Professional Plan, your video can be up to 1 hour in duration, but you will not be able to upload a video that is 1 hour and 15 minutes long.

  • File size Limit - the maximum size of the uploaded file. Even if your file is within the duration limit, it needs to also be within the file size limit too.

  • Video Storage - the number of videos that you can store to use later in your Video Storage library. These videos are always available anytime you need them, and you're welcome to remove or add files within that limit however you'd like.

You can manage your subscription from your billing section.

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