Important: Restream Scheduler doesn't create posts in advance. It just schedules a time to stream a pre-recorded video.

Now that you’ve learned what the Scheduler tool is and how it works, let’s quickly go through the subscription options you have. In this guide, we will describe all currently available Restream Scheduler pricing options, as well as their limitations and features.

Can I get a trial?!

We do not offer free trials for any of our paid services, including Restream Scheduler. However, we have a 7-day money-back guarantee policy for first-time users. Log in to your Restream account, choose the plan you would like to try, and start using it! If you don't like the plan, you can cancel your subscription within a 7-day period in order to avoid being charged.

Please, keep in mind that the 7-day money-back policy is only available for first-time users.

Important: In order to send pre-recorded videos to any platform (like Facebook Group, etc), you may need both Restream and Scheduler subscriptions, depending on where you would like to broadcast your video and the video duration.

Restream and Scheduler have different billing pages. You can manage your Scheduler subscription and billing here. Restream billing page is located here.

Scheduler subscription plans

We have a number of subscription options ranging free all the way to custom enterprise packages.

Restream Scheduler pricing

Currently available subscription plans:

  • Our FREE plan grants you the ability to queue one stream with a video duration up to 30 minutes. You can place two items in your personal Content Storage and upload a maximum video size of 1GB.
  • The SMALL plan allows you to have two queued streams. The maximum video duration is increased to one hour. With this plan you can place ten items in your personal Content Storage. The maximum video size for upload is increased to 2GB.
  • The MEDIUM plan offers you the possibility to have five queued streams with an event duration of up to two hours. It allows you to store 25 items in your Content Storage. More importantly, the maximum video size you can upload is increased to 5GB. Lastly, you can remove the Restream branding from your streams.
  • The LARGE plan provides you with a maximum of ten queued streams and an event duration of up to four hours. You can place up to 40 items in your Content Storage. The maximum video size for upload is now 10GB! You can remove Restream branding and, finally, the Event Looping feature is enabled.
  • The ENTERPRISE plan offers you a fully customizable package of features by request.

Tip: Feel free to fill in our Enterprise contact application form here.

Each package has unique limitations to fit different requirements:

  • Events Queue - this means how many events you can have scheduled at the same time, basically how many events you can keep in your queue waiting to go live. As soon as one of your events ends, the slot gets freed for scheduling again. For instance, with the Medium Plan, you will be able to have up to five events scheduled at the same time.
  • Event Duration - is the maximum length of the video you can schedule. For example, if you have the Small Plan, which allows up to a one-hour duration, you will not be able to schedule a video that is one hour, fifteen minutes long.
  • Content Storage - is the amount of videos that you can store to use later in your Scheduler library. These videos are always available in event slots anytime you need them.
  • No Branding means that Scheduler won't add any logos or links to your streams.
  • Event Looping is an advanced feature, which allows you to repeat your event up to ten times with a different time interval between those repeats.

You can upgrade or downgrade your Scheduler plan anytime you need from your billing section. All the charges are automatically prorated by the system so that you pay only the difference upon switching.

Please keep in mind that subscription renews automatically every month until cancellation.

Sit back, relax, and let the Scheduler do the job for you!

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