Tele2 Esport is a Russian game streaming platform that provides free cellular data for stream watching for all Tele2 users.

  1. If you already have an account at Tele2 streaming platform, start with step 5 of the article. Otherwise, you can register at this page by clicking "Регистрация" (Registration) button: 

2. After filling in your login and password click the "Отправить смс с кодом" (send SMS with a code) button:

3. Enter the confirmation number into the new field and confirm it:

4. Confirm your agreement with EULA and CA, then hit Регистрация (Register):

5. In the top right corner you can click on your nickname and get a selection of three options:

My Profile (Мой профиль) - will let you edit your Avatar, Cellphone Number, Nickname, Real Name, and Email. It will also let you edit your channel's thumbnail, title, game name.
My Channel (Мой канал) - will bring you to the page where your viewers can watch your stream.
Logout (Выйти) - will log you out. 

6. Select "My Profile" and scroll down to "Мой канал" (My Channel) section. There you can set up your preview on the left, and on the right there are fields for Stream Name, Game Name, Stream Description - edit those to match your style, and click "Сохранить изменения" (Save changes). Remember to tick "Контент 18+" (Age restriction) if you are streaming content that is not suitable for children. Get your RTMP Key then by clicking "RTMP ключ" (RTMP key):

7. Copy the second part of the data shown after previous step:

8. Go to Restream and add Tele2 platform:

9. Enter your Tele2 RTMP key to the Key field and hit "Add channel":

10. Your Tele2 channel is now added to Restream:

11. To finish your channel setup you can add banners at the bottom of your Tele2 channel page. Select "Добавить баннер" (Add banner image), then insert the link to the bottom left field "Ссылка баннера" (Banner link), and press "Добавить" (Add):

You can now start your stream and tell your viewers from Russia who watch you on a phone to watch your stream on this platform for free.

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