With Restream, you can get a lot of exposure for your live videos. Streaming to many platforms simultaneously helps you reach more viewers than by streaming to a single platform alone. But, if you're only using Restream to multiply platforms, you’re not getting the most from your account. Restream enables you to stream to multiple platforms and lets you balance your viewership across them to help you grow quickly on less popular channels.

In this article, we'll review a set of tips to help you get more followers.

1. Listen to Your Audience

It may sound obvious, but people often forget that the greater task of communication is listening. Generally, when you stream, you’re taking someone else's time — sometimes thousands or millions of individuals’ time. Most viewers come to your stream to relax, have a little chat, entertain themselves, get a bit of advice, or learn something new. If you don't satisfy their needs, they will leave. Boost retention and popularity by honing your style and focusing on content that your viewers enjoy.

To improve your presentation style, imagine how your viewers see you, review your past broadcasts, and analyze your chat analytics to uncover clues for how to improve your speech, mannerisms, and reactions.

To optimize content, make an effort to study your audience and understand what topics, themes, and formats they like and want to see more of. For example, do they like to watch game previews more than hacks to level-up? Do your viewers engage more with your real-time unboxing and reviews than your live interviews? Make sure you understand the topics and video formats that draw in viewers and get them to stick around; create a stream that delights your audience.

2. Be Consistent and Keep a Schedule

Most successful streamers significantly increase their audience simply by being predictable. Their live stream viewers know when the stream starts and what they might see on it. 

Create dependability by first making a plan. Test it out to be sure you can follow it religiously. Once you confirm that the schedule works for you or you have tried optimizing your live stream timing, then get the word out! Let viewers know your schedule, post it on your streaming platforms and in your social groups, remind users constantly when your next stream will be. You can use Restream Events for that.

3. Optimize Your Content for Each Stream Destination

Every platform has its "preferred" type of content — games, music, art, news, and so on. Some platforms (and the audiences on those platforms) crave specific content more than others, despite different content types being allowed on the platform. Even channels in the same category have different viewership possibilities for various content formats. 

Gaming is the simplest illustration. You may get to 100 constant viewers weekly playing Call of Duty and streaming to Mixer. However, if you stream the same content to Twitch or YouTube, you will have to work for months to get those 100 audience members. To optimize for each platform, try streaming various kinds of content and use Analytics to check which platforms get more viewers for each content type. 

Once you diversify your content for various platforms, remember to cross-pollinate. When you have many viewers on one platform remind them that you stream unique content on other platforms, too. This will let your viewers watch your stream on their favorite platform or explore content from you on new channels. Plus, you’ll help boost your viewership numbers on less popular platforms and increase engagement on your stronger platforms.

4. Network and Grow Viewership With Cooperation

Believe it or not, all streamers are your partners — not your competitors. 

Other streamers can help you grow if you stream properly. To start, you should befriend streamers in the same category as you. In your free time, watch other streams and chat with the viewers there to build trust and add value to the community more broadly. Inevitably, some of those viewers will be curious and naturally find your channels. 

After you spend some time building up other streamers and developing these relationships, you can try to do a simultaneous stream. This helps both you and them because you share viewers and can boost each other's audiences.

5. Network With Others and Hijack Viewers

Every now and then, there is a huge streamer with hundreds of viewers in a very unpopular category — giving it great exposure. If there are few competing streamers in the same category, you can try to win audience members quickly by streaming in that category yourself. 

Here’s an example. Imagine that someone's streaming The Binding of Isaac game and has 3,000+ viewers, but not many people are streaming the same game at the same time. You can start streaming The Binding of Isaac and stream it for a longer time than the big guy. By being in the same unpopular but growing category, you'll be able to get more exposure even while the big streamer is online. Plus, if he stops streaming before you or changes the category, you’ll be able to pick up some of the previous stream’s viewership. With Restream, it's especially easy to perform this trick, because you can expand to less popular platforms' growing categories while you keep a stable viewer base on others.

6. Handle Trolls Responsibly

There are always viewers who try to provoke you or your audience. Trolls are not necessarily trying to offend but are instead trying to entertain themselves. Nevertheless, these people can make your stream an unpleasant place for other viewers to be. So, it’s important to respond appropriately. 

When trolls attack, react to their attempts with humor and without aggression. Try to see them as active viewers testing your approach. If you interact with them well, converted trolls may be the best long-term viewers for your stream. Alternatively, if things turn sour, you should consider banning them in order to preserve the quality of the community for your entire audience.

7. Set Up Alerts for Your Stream

Platforms are generally able to notify viewers when your stream starts, but this requires users to have certain apps installed on their computers and phones, or to check their email constantly. 

It’s always a good idea to copy notifications about stream starts not only on the end platform but also in social channels. With Restream's Social Alerts, you are able to notify your viewers when your stream begins in the most noticeable places: Facebook, Twitter, and Discord. Even if the user misses a message from the streaming platform, they may see it in their social feed. To this end, be sure to remind users to join you on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.

There are many tactics to help grow your stream audience. These are just the essentials of getting started. How many of them have you tried? Which has had the biggest influence on your audience growth?

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