integration with Restream Scheduler will allow you easily transfer videos to your Scheduler Storage, which will save you a lot of time for downloading and re-uploading them.

The process is multi-level and a bit tricky, so let's get right into it. Developer Portal
  • Click on “Create a Token”. Name the token and enter your data, making sure to select all the “Asset” scopes.

“Create a Token”
  • You will see your access token generated on your Tokens Page. Tokens Page
  • Copy your generated tokens and fill in your Scheduler Integrations. You will see a green checkmark on the top right corner of the input field if your token is right. Integrations
  • You will get the Team Custom Action URL now. Copy it. Team Custom Action URL Custom Actions page
  • Fill in the fields: 

  1. NAME: Send to Scheduler

  2. DESCRIPTION: Fast upload assets to Scheduler

  3. EVENT: send_to_scheduler

  4. URL: paste the previously copied Team Custom Action URL.

  5. TEAM: select the project where the action will be added

Create custom action in

After you click on "Create" the integration is done and ready to use! and integration

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