With Restream Chat you can be notified of new messages and even have the messages read out to you! 

Chat Notifications

1) To enable Chat Notifications, open the Restream Chat desktop application and select settings from the bottom left. 

Restream Chat Settings

Note: Notifications are only available to use with the Restream Chat App.

2) Click the menu button (☰) at the top left and click "Notifications" from the list.

Restream Chat notification settings

3) Check the box that says "Enable Desktop Notifications."  

Restream chat desktop notifications checkbox

Your Restream chat notifications are now set up!

Text to Speech

You can also enable Text To Speech. Please note, it is not required to have desktop notifications on for Text To Speech to work. 

Note: Text to Speech is only available to use with the Restream Chat application for desktop.

From the same "Notifications" settings tab, check the box next to "Enable Text To Speech".

With the box checked, you can select what kind of voice you prefer! 

Restream Chat Text to Speech

Note: Restream Chat uses TTS packages installed in your system. You can get TTS packages on the Microsoft website, or purchase more advanced packs from Nuance or other providers.

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