Restream offers a unique feature that allows you to live-stream your pre-recorded videos on your behalf to your connected channels at a certain date and time!

Can I stream pre-recorded videos for free? You need at least a Professional plan to stream pre-recorded videos.

With the Professional plan you can do the following:

  • 1 hour Limit per Stream

  • 2GB Limit per File

  • 10 videos in video storage

Can I stream 2 videos at the same time? In order to send two simultaneous streams to multiple platforms, you would need two different Restream accounts to do that. If you are planning to send one stream to YouTube and Twitter, and the other stream to Facebook and Twitch at the same time, you would need to broadcast these two streams from two different Restream accounts.

Can I stream longer than 4 hours? Yes. You can stream longer than 4 hours with our Enterprise plan which offers you a fully customizable package of features by request.

Feel free to fill in our Enterprise contact application form here.

How long can I stream? The available length for your video will depend on the plan you have. Please see what limits your account may have:

  • Professional Plan - 1 hour

  • Premium Plan - 2 hours

  • Business plan - 4 hours

  • Enterprise plan - fully-customizable package of features by request

What is the max video size for pre-recorded videos? The maximum file size depends on the plan you have. See below to see what limits your account has:

  • Professional Plan - 2GB

  • Premium Plan - 5GB

  • Business Plan - 10GB

  • Enterprise plan - fully-customizable package of features by request

Can I stream 24/7? You can schedule events one after another with only 1 min gap between them. Please keep in mind that each event will have its own event link.

What is the proper video format for pre-recorded videos? Not all videos are fit for streaming, most recorded videos use a few settings that save space, however for streaming this is not preferred. A few things need to be in place to ensure your video is streamed correctly:

  • Video Format: MP4, MKV, M4V or MOV

  • Rate Control: Constant Bitrate (CBR)

  • Keyframe Interval: 2 Seconds

  • Recommended Resolution: Full HD (1920x1080)

  • Recommended Frame Rate: 30 FPS

  • Recommended Bitrate: 4,000 Kbps (4.0 Mbps)

Your bitrate, frame rate, and resolution options are based on the destinations you have connected to your Restream Dashboard. Please review the channel limitations of your connected channels to ensure your stream is accepted by them. Please check our video optimization guide.

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