In this article, we will cover how to upload a video from your device.

Important: If the video is more than 2 GB, please upload the video at least 2 hours before the stream. Infrastructure needs to prepare for the video to go live.

To start, you will want to have a video on your device that is optimized for streaming. To learn more about how to optimize your video for live streaming, please see below: 

1. Open your Video Storage (Cloud button on the left side menu in Restream)

2. From the Video Storage dashboard choose "Uploads" and click "Upload Video".

3. Select the file you would like to upload to the Restream Scheduler and click "Open." 

4. The video should now be uploading to Video Storage. Based on the size of the file and your internet connection, this can take some time! 

5. Once the video is uploaded press 3 dots beside the video and choose "Details". You will see the video settings like Resolution, Frame rate and Bitrate.

This video can now be used to schedule an event!

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