Scheduling your pre-recorded stream with Restream Events is easy! You can select the time and day you want your event schedule, the video that is to be streamed, and where the stream will be sent.

Important Note: You should have at least a Professional subscription to use this feature.

See the below link if you need assistance uploading a video to Video Storage:

1. From the Restream dashboard click "Stream a video file".

2. Choose between uploaded videos or your stream recordings. Press Next after you choose a video.

3. You can change the following information:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Date and time

  • Thumbnail or cover (Upload a custom image to use it as a preview before you go live. Recommended size: 1280 x 720)

4. Choose all the platforms you would like to stream to:

Tip: We recommend testing your stream before going live. You can do this by creating an "unlisted" event on your YouTube channel. This event would be visible only to people who have this link.

5. After pressing "Create event" the event is now created!

6. You will see the stream preview on the Restream Dashboard once the event starts.

Restream Events additional features

Get a sharable link to the Event:

You can get the sharable link to the event for Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn by clicking their icon at the created event.

Important Note: There will be no post (notification about the event) on Facebook if you schedule your event outside of the limit of 1 hour to 7 days before its starting time.

Press 3 dots beside the event to:

  • Edit event (You can change the platforms you are streaming to)

  • Delete Event

Your event is now set up! At the set date and time, your event will start going live and start connecting to your selected channels!

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