Scheduling your event with Restream Scheduler is easy! You can select the time and day you want your event schedule, the video that is to be streamed, and where the stream will be sent. 

You will need to have a video uploaded already in order to schedule an event. See the below link if you need assistance uploading a video to Restream Scheduler: 

From the Events Dashboard click "Schedule Recorded Video" from the top left

From this section you can change most of the options for your event. 

  • Title: The title we set for supported channels.
  • Content: The video file we will stream.
  • Date: The day we will stream.
  • Time: The time of the set day we will stream.

To edit more advanced settings about your Scheduler stream, click the advanced button near the bottom. From here you can edit the channels we stream to, event looping and where we stream from. 

Note: LinkedIn doesn't allow streaming pre-recorded videos!

After you have set everything you need for your event, click "Schedule REcorded Video" at the bottom. 

Your event is now setup! At the set date and time your event will start going live and start connecting to your selected channels! 

If you want to learn more about Restream Scheduler, check out our blog post on how to optimize live stream timing.

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