XSplit Broadcaster is a great all in one broadcasting software that now supports Restream FTL! Connecting Restream to XSplit is seamlessly simple! XSplit is one of the top broadcasting suites used by Restream users! 

If you’re unfamiliar with FTL or Faster Than Light protocol, please take a look at this article below:

To start, you will need to install the Restream destination in your XSplit Broadcaster. To do so, click “Broadcast” at the top, hover over “Set up a new output” and click “Find More Outputs.” 

Restream should one of the first options in the Plugin Store, however, if it's not, try searching for “Restream.io.” Click on Restream from the list of plugins.

From the Restream plugin page click “Install” and wait for it to finish up, should only be a few seconds. 

After it finishes installing, the plugin store will automatically close and a window asking to setup Restream will appear. Click “Authorize” on the right side of the “Username” field. 

This will open a new window where you can login to your Restream account. If you don’t have an account, you can register for one here, or click “Sign up” at the bottom of that window. 

Once you’ve logged in, we will confirm that you want to share your Restream account information with XSplit. Click “Allow” to continue. 

XSplit Broadcaster is now connected to your Restream account! To ensure the best results with your stream, click “Test bandwidth” to test your connection to various Restream servers near you. After the test is complete, take note of the server that tested best and select the corresponding server in the drop-down. 

In the “Video Encoding” section, you can change your codec, bitrate, and mode. You can set this to your liking, but make sure you do not stream outside your device or network’s limitations. Click the settings icon on the right side of “Video Encoding.”

Change “Max Keyframe Interval (sec)” to 2.0 then you can leave that section.

Lastly, make sure to check the box near the bottom that says “Use FTL (Beta)” this option is what enables the Mixer FTL protocol with XSplit and Restream.

Click “OK” and you’re ready to go! 

To start your stream, click “Broadcast” at the top of XSplit and click “Restream.io!” Then watch as your stream is delivered to Mixer with a sub-second delay while also maintaining a multistream on channels that don’t support FTL! 

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