If you use Adobe Creative Cloud in your video production workflow, this guide will show you how to setup your software to export videos optimized for Restream Scheduler. 

With Adobe Media Encoder selected, and a video file brought into the queue, double click the option under "Preset," it will most likely say "Match Source." 

In the new windows that opens, you will make your own preset for Restream Scheduler. The encoding settings we use in the guide will work for almost all platforms. Please be sure to read the limitations for the specific platforms you stream to and make changes.

First, make sure "Format" is set to "H.264"

Under the "Video" tab, uncheck the box for "Width/Height," "Frame Rate," and "Profile."

Click the blue numbers for "Width" and change it to "1280."

Click the blue numbers for "Height" and change it to "720."  

For "Frame Rate" select "30" from the drop-down.

For "Profile" select "Main" from the drop-down.

For "Bitrate Encoding" select "CBR" from the drop-down. 

Change the "Target Bitrate [Mbps]" to "4." 

Check the box for "Key Frame Distance" and click on the blue numbers and change it to "60."

Now, select "Audio" near the top to switch to audio settings. 

Make sure "Audio Format" is AAC.

Change "Sample Rate" to 44100 Hz

Set the "Bitrate [kbps]" to 128 using the drop-down.

You can now click OK and render the video! After the process is complete you can upload your video to Restream Scheduler and schedule your event! 

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