We are happy to have Faster Than Light (FTL for short) streaming protocol fully supported within the Restream ecosystem! FTL was developed by Mixer's amazing team for sub-second video latency compared to RTMP! 

What is FTL?

FTL is Mixer's in-house streaming protocol that allows for sub-second video latency. Almost all streaming services use the industry standard RTMP, which has a delay ranging from anywhere between 5 - 30 seconds. FTL on the other hand allows for almost no stream delay to Mixer channels! 

Should I Use RTMP or FTL? 

If you have Mixer added as a service on your Restream Dashboard, and you have strong network connection, you can get the most out of your stream by using FTL. If you do not have Mixer added as a channel on your Restream Dashboard, you should always use RTMP. FTL only works on Mixer.

How Does Restream FTL Work?

Firstly, you would need to send your stream to Restream using a broadcasting software that supports Restream FTL. Once we get your stream, we send the stream untouched to Mixer for that sweet sub-second delay. To accommodate the channels you have enabled that do not use FTL, we convert it to RTMP and send the stream normally to those channels. 

What Broadcasting Software Supports Restream FTL? 

Restream FTL is supported in the latest version of; OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS and XSplit (currently only XSplit PTR). 

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