Meet the Razer Ripsaw HD – Game Capture Card. It’s easy to use, produces high quality footage with crisp audio, and is compatible with Restream. Now you can effortlessly produce the high-quality stream your audience deserves.

Setting up the Razer Ripsaw is extraordinarily easy, simply plug the device into your computer and follow the on screen setup prompts.

Once that's done, there's only a couple steps left to get streaming with Restream. Check out our video below, or scroll a bit further to see our text guide.

Setup Video


Get going with the Razer Ripsaw

First, open up your favorite broadcasting software (For this example, we'll be using OBS Studio

Now, Add a brand new Video Capture device to your source list.

Halfway done! (Literally)

After you've given the device a name, choose "Okay" then "Razer Ripsaw HD HDMI" from the Device List. 

That's it! You've fully setup the Razer Ripsaw with Restream. Need additional help setting up OBS Studio to go live with us? Check out the article below.


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