Restream Personal is our free option. Our core service is completely free to use! You can stream to over thirty supported platforms for an unlimited amount of time with no limits on bitrate or resolution. 

What's included with Personal?

In short, a lot! 😳 

  • Multistreaming to 30+ supported platforms
  • Facebook Profiles included
  • Stream monitoring
  • No time limits on live streams
  • Unlimited viewers
  • No bitrate limits
  • A combined chat application
  • Support for any video resolution
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Who would need a paid plan then? 

Some Restream features are not included on the Personal plan, and would require a paid subscription based on your needs. Below you will find a short description of each premium feature:

Extra Destinations

If you need to stream to a service we do not support, want to double up on services we do support or want to stream to a paid service (Facebook Pages/Groups, Akamai, Wowza), that would require an Extra Destination for each extra channel you want to add. Each subscription has a different amount of Extra Destinations. 

Real-time platform and channel toggling

This feature is included on all of our paid subscriptions and it allows you to edit your channels while remaining live. You could be multistreaming to three destinations and add another channel without the stream being affected on any of the other channels. 

Automated Branding Removal

If you would like to white label or completely remove Restream branding, you can easily remove Restream Branding with a subscription starting from Professional. 

We do not place watermarks or ads in your stream, our branding is a simple link to Restream in the description of supported platforms ("Multistreaming with"). 


RTMP Pull would allow you to pull the stream from our servers and use it a different broadcasting software or similar. Please note, Restream is not a CDN, therefore this RTMP Pull URL cannot be used for an embed player on a website or similar. This feature is included on Professional and above plans. 

Analytics Export

Ever wondered how each of your channels were doing in audience reach? With Restream Analytics you can track tons of interesting metrics from average viewers to your most used emoji in chat. 😜 With Professional and above you will be able to export your analytics very soon! 


This feature allows you to stream to streaming services that may be outside your region. Whether a certain destination is blocked in your region, or it's just too far away, Restream Proxy will help make sure your stream reaches its destination! 

Failsafe Stream Backup

An automated system that switches between two of your incoming streams (ingests) in case of any troubles with your main stream source without interrupting stream for your viewers. This feature is available on our Business plan. 

Ask Questions 

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our 24/7 support team! Click the chat icon at the lower right-hand corner of your screen to ask a question


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