Many Restream users struggle with connecting multiple Periscope accounts for multistreaming. For most of them, only the last connected channel works properly, while all previously added channels do not. This happens because of how Periscope API tokens work - when a user logs out of their Periscope account, the connection gets dismissed, and Restream can't stream to such channel anymore. The solution for this issue is to use an incognito mode of modern browsers to log in each account you need to stream to. Every channel of Periscope has to be connected in a separate incognito session without log out.

How to connect:

1. On Windows press  Win+Shift+N, on Mac press ⌘ + Shift + N. This will open an incognito window for the most browsers.

2. In this window log in to Restream and to Periscope account you want to connect to Restream.

3. Connect Periscope account to Restream in the incognito window.

4. Close incognito window without logging out.

5. If you need to connect another Periscope account, start again with step 1.

If you follow these steps correctly, you will be able to stream to multiple Periscope accounts at the same time without issues:

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