By default, Restream Chat uses appearance parameters stored in user's token. Chat link looks like this:

Chat settings can be overridden with the following query parameters:

  • theme - the name of the theme. Values: any theme listed in theme selector (lowercased, hyphen instead of spaces) 

  • alignment - message insertion place. Values: top || bottom

  • msgOpacity - opacity of message background. Values: 1 to 100 

  • chatOpacity - opacity of chat background. Values: 1 to 100 

  • scale - font size modifier. Values: 10 to anything

  • hideMessages - whether to hide messages or not. Values: true || false

  • timeout - hide message delay in seconds. Values: 1 to 180 

  • no-welcome - removes "The chat is ready to display messages" confirmation on load

  • no-congrats - removes chat congratulation message about reaching a certain amount of messages received.

  • show-avatars - will show avatars in the default chat theme. It will not work with other themes

Full example:

You can customize chat even more by using Chat CSS. Learn how in this article:

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