Streaming on the go and mobile games is getting more and more popular, if you'd like to get in on the action of live vlogging your life, or want to use your phone as a quick and easy streaming device you're in the right place! CameraFi Live is a mobile broadcasting app that will use your phone's cameras to live stream and also to capture your screen. You can get CameraFi Live at the Google Play Store

After you've downloaded and installed the app on your device, follow these next steps to connect it to Restream, which is really easy:

1.  Start the application and provide it with all the required permissions.

2. Tap on from the list of the services.

3. Log in to your Restream account and "allow" the connection. 

4. Choose what you will stream (camera or capture display).

5. Tap on "START". 

6. Set your space and tap on "GO"

7. See your stream delivered to Restream and all the connected and enabled channels going live. 

CameraFi Live is now setup to stream to Restream!

You can edit your settings anytime, depending on your phone's capabilities.

To ensure that there are no interruptions, check your dashboard for warnings and make changes in the "Video" and "Audio" sections of CameraFi Live settings to fix them.

Have awesome streaming! 

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