Setting up channels via Custom RTMP is only recommended if you otherwise are unable to connect them via our general API process located here, as Custom RTMP channels do not work with our chat software.


Setting up YouTube Stream Now Manually (free option)

1. Go to the Restream Dashboard

2. Choose “Add a Channel.”

3. Choose “YouTube Stream Now” from the Channel Listing.

4. Select “Setup Manually” from the Info Page

5. Head over to your Youtube Studio Dashboard then click at Videos tab. 

6. On the next page you will see two lists Your channel Videos tab and on the other tab you will see a list of live events, click on the Live tab.

7. Hovering your mouse over your event you will see some options click on View In Live Dashboard  Live Dashboard 

8. Select "Reveal" beside "Stream Name/Key" at the bottom of this page. 

9. Paste the "Stream Name" into "Stream Key" on Restream

10. Head back to YouTube and copy link of your YouTube Channel page from the sidebar menu

11. Paste the share link in Restream under "Channel URL"

12. Click "Add channel"

Youtube Stream Now is now connected to the Restream Dashboard! 


Setting up YouTube via Custom RTMP (paid option)

1. Go to the Restream Dashboard;

2. Select Add Channel from the Dashboard Page, then choose Custom RTMP;

3. Open a new tab, and head to the YouTube Live Dashboard;
This is where you can set up your streaming details, such as your Title, Description, Category and more.

Copy your SERVER URL and Stream Key then paste them into the Custom RTMP configuration and choose Add Channel.

Your YouTube channel has now been added manually to our Dashboard using Custom RTMP, keep in mind, this addition will not work with our Restream Chat


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