Tip: Unfortunately, we don’t have our own player that would allow us to embed your video in other websites at the moment. You are free to stream to one of many platforms, like YouTube or Vimeo, which allow their players to be embedded, and simply embed their player on your website.

As an alternative, you can use the Restream ready-to-embed Widget, which uses those services players. Keep in mind that it contains Restream service element mentions.

Who is this feature for?

The Restream Widget is for users who would like to stream their online courses, workshops, or events and also reach more audiences. Often, streamers prefer to broadcast simultaneously to YouTube as well as their own websites. Our Free subscription plan allows you to do exactly that.

We also encourage trying out Restream Studio, which allows you to stream directly from your browser and doesn’t require any special equipment, or streaming from your mobile device (requires the installation of additional apps). Visit our guide to learn how to stream from your smartphone.

Important: Please, keep in mind if you would like to broadcast your stream to Facebook pages/groups in addition to YouTube and website, you would require a Restream paid plan.

Follow our guidelines below to set up the Restream Widget

Important: The widget will work only if you stream to one or a few of the following services with Restream.io: Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook. We chose the most popular platforms with embed support and made our widget to embed those players easily.

Tip: If your YouTube account doesn't have at least 1k subscribers or monetization enabled, YouTube may not allow you to embed a live stream and will ask users to follow the link to your YouTube channel instead. Restream widget won't let you bypass that restriction, but we can recommend using the it while streaming to multiple platforms in addition to YouTube, such as Twitch and Facebook at the same time to still have a working player in Widget if your YouTube channel has restrictions on it. Please, follow our setup guide below:

Tip: If you are embedding on Wordpress, please follow our additional guide to embed your stream to WordPress

1. First, go to your Restream.io account’s Settings and click the Widget tab.

Restream Widget settings

2. There you will see a ready-to-go preview and Embed URL of your Widget.

Embed URL of your Restream Widget

3. Currently, you can choose one of the three available sizes to better fit in the place you would like to embed it.

Tip: Whenever you start your stream your Widget comes online automatically.

4. Copy your Embed URL and embed it on your desired website. You may need to edit the HTML of your website to add this to the desired page depending on how your website is hosted.

Copy your Embed URL of Restream Widget

5. The Restream Widget allows you to easily switch between players from the list of available streaming channels.

Preview of Restream Widget

That's pretty much it! You can now use the embed option whenever you need it on your website and easily customize the size of your player.

Tip: The Restream Widget is currently a free-to-use BETA feature.

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