We are very excited to introduce LinkedIn Live targeting, an advanced feature for broadcasters streaming to LinkedIn that provides the ability to target specific audiences based on language and location.

Remember that in order to stream to LinkedIn Live your LinkedIn account must be verified. You can apply to be a LinkedIn Live Broadcaster Here.  

LinkedIn targeting setup

IMPORTANT: Before getting started, you'll need at least 300 followers on your LinkedIn organization page to access Live Targeting.

1. After you have connected your LinkedIn account, just click on the gear alongside your account and then click "Edit Settings."

2. In the pop up window you will see your currently chosen organization coverage without any targeting options enabled. You can switch your managed organization anytime, if you would like.

3. Click the box ‘Enable audience targeting’ to start choosing your audience. Without this option your stream will be available to everyone. 

4. You will then see 2 fields show up; "Location" and "Language". You can type in these fields to specify the audience you want to target.

Tip: Leaving any of the fields blank will automatically allow everything for it, which means you can target your stream to a certain area without any language limitation, or target a specific language without any area specification. 

5. After you have chosen the location feel free to fill the language field or leave it blank.

Tip: Keep in mind that you can choose multiple options in each of the fields making your targeting more specific. Always keep track on your potential audience coverage when doing so. 

6. Save all your changes and you are ready to go! You will see the potential coverage you have achieved and your stream will be available only to the specified categories from your targeting. 

When you will start streaming to Restream your LinkedIn stream will be posted to your organization with the targeting option restrictions and limitations applied to the reach. 

Important: Due to how LinkedIn streaming works you cannot have multiple channels on the same LinkedIn profile if they are added from the same LinkedIn profile.

If you want to learn more about LinkedIn Live, check out our blog post on how to stream to LinkedIn Live using Restream.

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