Restream Reviews are short and simple in-stream promotions where you take a moment to talk about a sponsored game, product or service. You can showcase some gameplay, or walk your viewers through using the product or service. 

The campaign page will provide you with easy to follow instructions and hints on making the best of your sponsored segment!

Why should I do Sponsored Reviews?

✅ No separate stream session is required!
✅ The promotion is naturally integrated into your stream
✅ Payouts every 2 weeks! (once you reach the $50 minimum).

Getting Started

Go to the Campaigns section of your Restream Dashboard and click any of the campaigns labeled as "Review." 

From the campaign page, be sure to read the requirements and the Add, Do, Say section, then click "Join Campaign." 

After you have started your stream and are ready to start recording your review, head back to the campaign page you joined from. You will now notice the "Start review" button is now clickable. Click "Start review" to start recording your review

Your review is now being recorded! Be sure to mention everything required by the campaign requirements and be enthusiastic! Once your review is complete, you can click "End Review." 

That's it! Your review is recorded and in processing

You can continue your stream like normal after the review is complete! You should see your balance reflected in your account in a few hours!  


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