Get the most out of your live streaming using Restream Studio. Fully customize and brand your content, invite guests, add encoder sources, and so much more!

Restream Studio was designed to help you multistream flawless professional broadcasts with the ease of clicking a button.

Features and power-ups

In this guide, you will go through some simple steps to get started with Restream Studio. You will find everything you need to know about the powerful features it has to offer.

Tip: Restream Studio has automated quality settings adjusted for the best streaming experience with the most popular platforms. In some cases, users who stream gameplay or enjoy having full control over the stream settings may need to use encoders such as OBS (or any other) to multistream via Restream. You can learn more about encoders and streaming software here.

Control Panel

Directly in the middle of the page, you will notice your stream preview; everything that your audience will see is what will appear in the stream preview.

Underneath the preview, you will have the controls to adjust the layouts, general settings, Studio functions, and more.

Restream Studio Feed Preview

Tip: If you are noticing any quality issues or blurring, we recommend checking out your network connection and CPU. Restream Studio is entirely browser-based, so any issues with the overall quality or responsiveness are likely due to environmental factors. Check out our guide on resolving streaming issues here.


Sources are an incredible way to incorporate RTMP Source, Background Music, and Video files! To do this, you will select the “Add Studio Source” icon to add new elements into your broadcast.

This includes our Local Video, RTMP Source, Background Music, Video Storage, Presentations.

Restream Studio Sources

Studio Chat and Captions

Restream Studio offers you the ability to engage with your audience without limits. You can use the chat and caption capabilities to encourage your audience to participate in your live stream and feature their comments directly in the broadcast.

Restream Studio Chat and Captions

Branding and Customizations

This is where you can go from merely creating content to really owning it with customizations and layers🔥

We offer all our users the ability to use our native graphics directly, but we recommend using your own! To get the most of the Restream Studio graphic features you should have at least a Standard subscription.

Restream Studio Graphics

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