Restream Studio is a powerful, ready-to-use streaming solution with a number of features to have control over your stream, like captions, backgrounds, overlays, screen sharing, and more. It allows you to stream directly from your browser with no additional equipment required, just your device camera and microphone. Restream Studio was developed to help you multistream to all your favorite platforms in a matter of a few clicks.

Tip: Restream Studio has automated quality settings adjusted for the best streaming experience with the most popular services/platforms. In some cases, like streaming your gameplay or for having full control over the stream quality, you may need to use encoders such as OBS or any other to multistream via Restream. You can learn more about encoders and streaming software here.

In this guide, you can learn the simple steps to get started with Restream Studio, as well as find everything you need to know about the amazing features it has to offer!

How does Restream Studio work?

  1. Identify what platforms you would like to stream to. The best way to think about this is: "What platforms your customers/users visit or use more often". Is it YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, etc? Remember, you can stream to all the selected platforms at the same time. There is no limit to the number of platforms you can stream to.
  2. Add those platforms in your Restream account as channels. (Please keep in mind that some streaming destinations, like Facebook groups and pages, require Restream paid subscription. Please see our detailed guide on Restream plans) For more detailed instructions, you can visit our Getting Started guide.
  3. Once you have your channels set up, hop over to Live Studio in your Restream account, and start streaming. It’s that simple! Read on to learn about features available for you!

Tip: To get the most of the Restream Studio features you should have at least a Professional subscription.

Tip: Restream Studio feature is not yet optimized for mobile devices, and we can't guarantee its proper and stable work while it is used from such devices.

Restream Studio features

Let’s now quickly go through the amazing features Restream Studio has to offer. The features below include Chat, Captions, Screen Sharing, Guests, etc., and are designed to improve your live stream performance and provide you with new possibilities to broadcast with ease and delight.

With Restream Studio you can invite people over to your stream and host live shows or interviews directly from your browser! For now, you can invite up to 3 participants. Just click on the Invite Guests button below your stream window and share the link with your guests. For more information on this feature, please follow our Restream Studio Guests guide.

Restream Studio also allows you to control multiple areas, such as:

  • The Chat feature allows you to monitor your chats from the platforms you are streaming to all in one place. You can forget about the hundreds of tabs in your browser.
  • The Captions feature allows you to create text banners on your stream. You can easily choose what text to display at the left bottom corner of your stream by creating your custom captions.
  • The Graphics tab allows you to personalize your stream and make it truly unique and engaging. Here, you can upload your own logos, backgrounds, video pre-rolls and overlays.

The background picture will be displayed when your webcam is disabled, while the overlay will always appear on top of your stream. The recommended size of your logos is 250x250px. As for overlays and backgrounds, we recommend 1280x720px.

You can upload and play videos on your stream. Requirements: MP4, up to 150MB, Professional plan or higher is required. When the video is selected, it will occupy the whole layout and mute all other participants while it’s active. Very handy for pre-rolls, post-rolls and stream breaks.

Important: Keep in mind that you can't disable the "Powered by" logo in the top right corner without having a Restream Professional subscription or higher.

  • The Setup tab allows you to control your outgoing channels and stream titles. You can easily toggle your channels to decide where you want to go live or end your stream, as well as update your titles prior to going live by entering the desired title and clicking on the "Update all" button.

Additional features

  • Full HD. You can choose if you would like to stream in full HD resolution or not. You should have at least a Professional subscription to use this feature.
  • Restream Guests. This feature allows you to add participants directly to your stream. Learn more about it here.
  • Screenshare. Both you and your Guests can share the screen for a live demo of the product, showing a presentation, etc. You can share your screen while keeping your face visible on the stream.
  • Video as a source. With this feature, you can play a local video file on a stream.Video will appear as an additional stream next to the host’s preview. Requirements: MP4, up to 150MB. You should have at least a Professional subscription to use this feature.
  • Saving the stream (coming soon)

Tip: You have multiple useful options at the left bottom corner which allow you to mute your microphone, disable the camera, start a screen sharing, invite guests, change your preferred microphone, and camera.

Enjoy your all-in-one Restream Studio experience without the need of using external encoders, simply go live from your browser!

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