Restream supports users streaming a huge variety of events: from conferences, 20-million-viewer live events, and government announcements to DJ or nightclub events and live interviews, etc. You can use Restream for live streaming virtually any event on multiple platforms all at once, thus increasing your audience reach.

We’ve designed several subscription plans to fully fit you depending on your needs. Our Free plan allows you to multistream to more than thirty top platforms absolutely for free. However, live streaming, for instance, to two YouTube accounts or Facebook groups requires a paid subscription plan. Follow our guide to learn how to choose a subscription plan.

Below are some tips and suggestions we often recommend to our clients:

  1. Pre-recorded videos. Users who would like to stream live events prefer streaming pre-recorded videos. This feature is especially useful if you want to edit your videos before live streaming them. In this instance, you may require our Scheduler subscription. Please be mindful that a ten-minute break is needed for our system between each scheduled pre-recorded video. Hence, if you are planning a four-hour continuous streaming session, you may need a Scheduler Large plan.
  2. Restream branding. Restream branding is visible in streams for both Free and Standard subscription plans. You can remove the Restream branding by purchasing the Professional plan or higher.
  3. Streaming with multiple participants. The Restream Guest feature allows you to invite multiple participants from all over the world directly to your live stream. This option is great for live interviews or online event reviews. You can add guests in Restream Studio — no third-party apps are required.
  4. Streaming to selected audience. Yes, it’s possible to set up your stream so it’s visible only for the audience you have selected. It’s based on the privacy settings of your end platform. Please keep in mind, Restream doesn’t enable this feature. We recommend using Facebook closed groups, the YouTube visibility option, and LinkedIn targeting.
  5. Saving the stream. Restream doesn’t modify your stream in any way, nor do we record it. You can enable this option in the settings of your chosen end platforms.
  6. Changing the title. You can easily change your live stream titles on each platform in one place. Restream Titles allows you to get rid of the useless tabs and update your stream title on all platforms in just one click. Isn’t it convenient?

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