Out of the many combinations of social networks and video platforms, using Facebook and YouTube is a particularly good one. Both have a wide appeal, as evident from their popularity. But they are also two places where people can reach niche communities with their content.

The power you get when streaming content on these platforms simultaneously is a combination of the following factors:

  • Access to 2.6 billion monthly active users worldwide on Facebook
  • A decent demographic representation of users on Facebook
  • Audience Insights — Facebook’s first-in-class audience intelligence tool
  • YouTube is the world’s second most visited search engine, conveniently owned by the world’s premier search engine, which has some clear benefits for SEO
  • Access to two billion monthly active users on YouTube, including the elderly
  • A platform built around video as a form of content
  • Monetization options

Both platforms also give you the tools to stay in touch with your follower base and grow it. Using Facebook Live and YouTube Live is a smart choice because it covers all the important aspects for content creators, including promotion, growth, networking, and monetization.

The great news is that you can stream to both YouTube and Facebook simultaneously from one account with Restream!

As discussed in "How to choose a subscription plan?", Facebook group requires 1 Extra Destination, which is covered at least by our Standard plan.

Tip: If you also would like to remove Restream branding from your stream than Restream Professional plan is for you!

We have detailed instructions on how to connect YouTube and FaceBook to Restream:

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