With Restream you can stream to 30+ different platforms simultaneously for FREE! There is no limit on the number of destinations you can stream to. Multistreaming allows you to attract new audiences from different platforms across the web, thus growing your fan base and income.

However, some destinations, as well as the secondary accounts of free destinations, could require an upgrade to one of our paid plans. Please see our detailed guide: What plan is right for me.

Typically, gamers prefer streaming to Twitch and YouTube; in this instance, you only need a Restream Free plan. However, if you would like to simultaneously stream to Twitch and two YouTube accounts, you would require a plan that supports at least one Custom Destination, which are available starting with the Restream Standard plan.

Of course, you would need a streaming encoder, like OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS, to broadcast your video games. No worries! You can easily connect any streaming application to Restream and broadcast your live stream to all your favorite platforms. See our detailed guide on how to connect OBS Studio or other streaming software with Restream.

In addition, we support Twitch affiliates and offer them a wonderful and simple solution to the Twitch exclusivity rule. You can broadcast your pre-recorded game streams to other streaming platforms after the exclusivity period ends (24 hours) via Restream Scheduler.

Tip: We support streaming from your console!

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