We are happy to see your interest in Restream! We have created a series of FAQs to get you started with achieving your goal of increasing engagement with your users.

With Restream, you can stream to 30+ different platforms simultaneously for FREE! There is no limit on the number of channels you can multistream to.

However, some destinations, as well as your secondary accounts on the free channels, may require you to upgrade to one of our paid plans. Please, view our detailed guide:

Our recommendations on the best plans for:

  1. Streaming to >10 destinations
  2. Free plan
  3. Gamer
  4. Musicians
  5. Church Services
  6. Events/Conferences
  7. Streaming live to Instagram
  8. Streaming pre-recorded videos live

Tip: Restream branding is visible in the LIVE stream for plans that are lower than the Professional plan.

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