This is one of the most common issues. Don’t worry, it’s simple enough to fix! Let’s get started. Below we outlined few steps that could help you to fix the issue quickly:

  1. Check your Internet connection
  2. Check your device
  3. Check your streaming settings
  4. Check streaming to individual platforms
  5. Check Restream monitor tool
  6. Contact Restrem Support

Check your Internet connection

Internet connection is the most common issue with video quality. Please run the following tests in order to confirm that it is a reason:

  1. Speed Test during the test stream (which also helps figuring out the Restream Server to stream to)
  2. Conduct a Tracert investigation

Important: Keep in mind that we suggest running a Speed Test right before  you would start the stream. It’s common that Internet speed could be showing high at some time, but would drop significantly later.

Few suggestions for the next steps if you confirm that Internet speed is an issue: 

  • Contact the Internet service provider to confirm they are not working on the lines and ask them to improve connection to a certain Restream server.
  • Decrease bitrate of the stream until the stream is sustainable.
  • Make sure to use a hardwired connection if possible.
  • Restart and reset up the router if needed.
  • Select different Restream server.
  • Contact our 24/7 live chat support with all the data the user has gathered for additional help and assistance.

Tip: You can also check our Scheduler service for streaming prerecorded content.  With Scheduler your prerecorded videos can be streamed LIVE without the need for you to do it.

Check your device

Try watching your stream in another browser or another device. Sometimes compressing the stream takes too many resources, and your primary device can't handle playback of the stream while streaming. Generally, it's better not to have your stream being played back on the streaming device at all.

Monitor your CPU load. Disable your channels and go live directly to Restream, then check to see if there's a lack of free memory or if the CPU is under high load. If that's the case, you'll want to tune your settings to meet the capabilities of your hardware.

Check your streaming settings

Verify your settings and make sure that all the values are realistic. Maybe you have entered 300 frames per second. It's important to make sure you follow the guidelines set by each platform you intend to stream to with Restream.

It is always important to have your encoder quality settings fit the capabilities of your PC, but also keep in mind that it changes depending on the content that you stream. For example, if you start streaming a new game that you haven’t streamed before, you should consider monitoring its resources usage and adjust your Encoder settings accordingly.

Check stream to individual platforms

Try streaming to the individual platforms directly without using Restream. If stream quality is bad while streaming directly to the platform, please contact end platform support. Most probably you don't have the necessary permissions for streaming or there is a platform-specific issue.

If streaming directly improves the quality of the stream, there might be an issue connecting to the Restream server. You can try streaming to different servers (Speed Test helps to figure out the Restream Server to stream to) using Streaming Software like OBS.

Feel free to contact our support to tell them about your problems and the troubleshooting steps you went through, and we'll try to help.

Check Restream Monitor tool

Restream Monitor - is a special tool that allows you to monitor your streams and help you to diagnose and find issues within your streaming sessions.

If you want to learn more about monitoring the quality of live streaming, check out our blog post here.

Contact Restream Support

If you have checked all variations described above and you are still experiencing issues with the stream quality, please contact support and outline: 

  1. What device is used for streaming (PC, Phone/Tablet, Console);
  2. Encoder being used for streaming (software, hardware, GoLive(browser), etc.)
  3. Are you on a wired or wireless connection;
  4. For which streams (ID from Monitor) the issue was happening, or period of time the issue was happening for.
  5. Is the issue specific to a certain platform(s) or does the issue occur on all platforms connected?
  6. Does the issue happen consistently each time you stream, or is it unpredictable?
  7. Were any changes made to the setup/configuration prior to the issue beginning?

Support team would be able to run extensive diagnostic on your account to identify the issues!

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