This is one of the most common issues. Don’t worry, it’s simple enough to fix! Let’s get started. Below we outlined few steps that could help you to fix the issue quickly:

  1. Check your Internet connection
  2. Check your device
  3. Check your streaming settings
  4. Check streaming to individual platforms
  5. Check if Restream is working properly
  6. Contact Restrem Support

Check your Internet connection

First things first, are you using Wireless Internet or Wire? Internet connection is the most common issue with video quality. Please run the following tests in order to confirm that it is a reason:

  1. Speed Test during the test stream
  2. Conduct a Tracert investigation

Important: Keep in mind that we suggest running a Speed Test right before  you would start the stream. It’s common that Internet speed could be showing high at some time, but would drop significantly later.

If it’s confirmed that issue is with the network connection, here are some tips that could help you.

For wireless:

  • Boost the signal by using Wi-Fi repeaters/mesh network
  • Get closer to the signal source
  • Disconnect all the devices in the same network
  • Use wire internet connection

Tip: Wireless networks are always have more chances of network instability and if it is possible we would recommend using a hardwired connection. 

For hardwired connection:

  • Select different Restream server
  • Try streaming to other platforms
  • Contact support

Few suggestions for the next steps if you confirm that Internet speed is an issue: 

  • Contact your Internet service provider to confirm there are no issues on their side and you can use your network as intended
  • Decrease bitrate of your stream to the level when your stream stability is back

Tip: You can also check our Scheduler service for streaming prerecorded content.  With Scheduler your prerecorded videos can be streamed LIVE without the need for you to do it.

Check your device

Try watching your stream in another browser or another device. Sometimes compressing the stream takes too many resources, and your primary device can't handle playback of the stream while streaming. Generally, it's better not to have your stream being played back on the streaming device at all.

Check your streaming settings

Try changing encoder settings. Lower resolution, FPS, or increase the CPU preset in encoder settings. Try switching between software and hardware encoders. Sometimes it's a good idea to create a new streaming profile and try recording with default options. If the issue is related to insufficient resources of your streaming device, you will see a difference in your next local record.

Check streaming to individual platforms

If changing Restream server didn't help, if your stream lags anyways while the recording with streaming settings is smooth - try streaming to other services directly without using Restream. If it helps, feel free to contact our support to tell them about your problems and troubleshooting steps you went through, and we'll try to help.

Check if Restream is working properly

While streaming through Restream, you can use the handy monitor tool to diagnose such problems, and our support crew is always happy to help.

Contact Restream Support

If you have checked all variations described above and you are still experiencing issues with the video quality, please contact support and outline: 

  1. Platforms that you are streaming to 
  2. When the issues are happening 
  3. Your streaming settings with a screenshot reference from your device.
  4. Steps that you already checked and any other additional information that could be helpful. 

Support team would be able to run extensive diagnostic on your account to identify the issues!

Ask Questions 

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our 24/7 support team! Click the chat icon at the lower right-hand corner of your screen to ask a question

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