There is always a possibility for one-off lags in video to happen when streaming. They usually don’t have any specific reason for it and are rare in nature. 

This is commonly caused by some specific issue in the setting, hardware and software combinations, internal glitches, etc. The best way to fix this issue is simply to Restart everything from scratch as they are having a random nature and a lot of times determining the reason is barely impossible to simply requires too much time and efforts.

The steps we would recommend:

  • Clear your browser cache and cookies;

  • Remove channels from your account and add them again;

  • Restart your streaming software/hardware;

  • Disable most or all of the background running applications;

  • Reboot your PC/laptop.

Also, one of the most common stream issues known happens when you try to stream PUBG game on Windows 10 with OBS Studio or Xsplit - you may have been streaming fine in the past with exact same config, but now the stream is lagging without any visible reason. The first thing you need to do is to determine situations when this happens. 

You may ensure this is the very same case if you try to have your windowed game in focus while streaming, and then change focus to another window with Alt+Tab hotkeys. While the game is in focus, your whole stream will have a bad frame rate, and switching the focus to something else will suddenly fix frame rate for the stream, and the game will begin to look well.

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