Let’s say you want to host a live interview, but the participants are located miles away from you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

But first, you need to decide which streaming platforms you would like to broadcast your content to. Facebook? YouTube? What if we say you can stream on all of them? Restream allows you to live stream on more than thirty platforms simultaneously. You can learn more about pricing and subscription plans here.

Our new feature, Restream Guests, allows you to create, stream, and add multiple participants from your browser, using the Restream Studio feature. No extra equipment is needed! Set up your stream from your mobile or browser. For more information please visit our Help Center article.

However, if you are planning to broadcast using streaming software, we also can support you there! In order to create a stream with multiple participants, you can use any VOIP software, such as Zoom, Hangouts, Discord, etc., and later capture it with Restream. Restream will send your video to multiple platforms selected in your account.

Tip: For more information on how to live stream Zoom meetings via Restream, click here.

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