Restream allows you to live stream your music on 30+ streaming platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Moreover, there’s no limit on the number of the platforms you can stream to! Anyone can benefit from using Restream, as it is a simple and effective way of increasing your audience reach. Therefore, if you want your music to be heard by as many people as possible, consider using Restream.

Our Free subscription plan allows you to broadcast your music sessions to top streaming platforms without any limitations. However, some streaming destinations, like a second YouTube account or Facebook groups, are not covered by the Free plan. For that matter, you may consider purchasing one of our paid subscription plans. For more info on how to choose the best plan, click here.

*Keep in mind that Restream branding is applied to your live streams. However, it can be removed when purchasing our Professional subscription plan.

Here are some amazing features we offer for musicians:

  • Restream Studio. This simple and elegant service allows you to go live in the matter of just a few clicks. You only need your browser and webcam to start live streaming on multiple platforms all at once. Restream Studio allows you to get rid of third-party apps and the unnecessary tabs.
  • Restream Scheduler. Imagine you cannot live stream at the scheduled time. Restream Scheduler can broadcast your pre-recorded videos on multiple platforms when you are busy. You can also edit your video beforehand to make your live content absolutely flawless. Notice: This service requires a Scheduler subscription, which is not included in our regular subscription plans.
  • Restream Guests. You can add other musicians from all over the world and host live interviews or experimental jam sessions. Follow this guide to learn how to add guests.
  • Restream Blog. We sure understand that live streaming can be challenging, especially for newcomers. Therefore, we are constantly writing new articles and guides to help you solve any possible issues and grow as a streamer. Check out our helpful article on how to live stream music!

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