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How to invite guests in Classic Studio
How to invite guests in Classic Studio

Learn how to invite on-screen guest speakers for live interviews in Restream Studio.

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Invite on-screen guests to the Studio with a simple link and stream live interviews.
It's easier to create content with guest experts.

How to invite guests

  1. Go to Restream Studio and click Invite Guests under your preview window.

  2. Copy the link and share it with your guests. Share this guide to help them prepare.

  3. When your guests enter, they will appear in the menu on the left side of the Studio.

  4. Toggle them on to add them on-screen.


  • Pick the right browser for your operating system:

    • Windows, macOS, and Linux: Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Arc, Edge, Safari (least preferred).

    • Android: Chrome (recommended), Firefox.

    • iOS: Safari 14+

  • Keep your browser updated to the latest version.

  • Avoid ad blockers and browser extensions that may interfere with your setup.


Does my invite link change?

The invitation link is static and will not change unless you click Refresh. That way, you can share your invite link weeks in advance.

Restream Events also have unique invite links to tell your main studio room and event rooms apart.

How many guests can I invite?

You can invite up to 5 guests on a free plan and 9 guests on any paid plan. This limit applies to the number of people you can simultaneously have in your Studio, including hosts and co-producers.

If the room is full, any extra guests will see a notification "The room is full" and can only enter after a spot frees up.

Do my guests need an account to join?

Not at all; they can join with just the link. If you enable the option for guests to add channels to your stream, they'll need to enter their email to set up.

Can I still invite people while I'm live?

Yes, you can invite guests both before and during the stream.

Can my guests help me manage the stream?

Your guests will have a few tools, like screen sharing and presentations. You can see a full list of the Studio features available to them here.

If you want to share more controls with them, you can use Restream Teams to invite them as co-producers or admins.

Can my guests join with just audio and no video?

Yes, your guests can join with just their microphone on and their camera off. When you have audio-only participants, you can choose whether you want to display an image for them or to hide their input entirely.

To display an avatar, click the gear ⚙️ icon under your preview window and enable "Show non-video participants". Then ask your guest to click the three dots next to their name and select Change avatar to upload a profile picture.

Alternatively, you can disable "Show non-video participants". Your audio-only guests will then have no visible indicator on-screen but the audience will still hear them.

💡 Adding guest channels to your stream can give you up to 3X more views.

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