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You can now easily invite guests to your streams. The long-awaited feature is here. It allows inviting people into your stream.

Important: Currently this feature is working for a maximum of 10 participants on paid plans and 6 participants on the free plan. So it can be either you and five (5) or you and nine (9) connected guests, all at the same time together on your stream, depending on your subscription plan.

In this article we will cover:

How to invite guests with Restream Studio?

1. When you are all set and prepared for your stream (or even when you are already live-streaming) simply click on the "Guests" icon or the "Invite Guests" button and you will receive a link you can copy and share with your guest to connect.

Invite Guests to Restream Studio

Important note: When sharing your link with a guest via a mobile app (like Facebook's Messenger or WhatsApp), please advise them to open the link on their phone's browser if they plan on joining via mobile. Accessing the Studio via in-app pop-up browsers results in limited functionality. Safari is recommended for iOS users and Chrome for Android users.

Pro tip: Your invitation link includes by default the option for your guests to also add their own channels to your stream using Restream Pairs. If you don't want your invite to include this option, turn off the Pairs toggle before copying your link.

Pairs toggle for guests on Restream Studio

2. The guest will be able to join your stream by simply following the link. You can share our recommendations for guests with them.

Tip: Your guests will need to provide access to their microphone and camera in their browser.

3. As soon as your guests are connected you will see them on the left-hand side of your browser. There you can easily control your stream's flow, show and hide guests on stream, remove guests and change the display view. In a similar manner, you can easily decide who will be visible on the stream and even turn off your own toggle, so that you hide from the stream and only your guest is displayed alone.

Note: Guests can hear you after joining by link. You can hear your guests only after you add them to your stream by turning on the blue toggle as shown below. If you toggle off your own feed, your audio won't be available in the live stream and guests won't be able to hear you!

5. Also, you can use the "Mute" button and the volume bar to mute your guests or to adjust their volume. You also get a "Maximize" feature, which maximizes a participant as the primary active speaker hiding all other guests and you.

6. You can choose the way how your camera and guest's layout is displayed on stream anytime during or before the stream start.

7. The guests are free to leave anytime they want or you can kick off them from your stream. This way you can finish with some guests and others can join.

Important: You can't kick off the guests if their status is ON AIR, you need to hide guests from the stream first by toggling them off.

How cool is that? You are now able to make live shows and interviews right from your browser with all the awesome features of your personal Restream Studio.

Note: Studio session is preserved for a short period of time after leaving it or refreshing the page. If you accidentally close the page, you have a little time to join the same room and guests will still be in place as well as the URL for the RTMP source.

Frequently Asked Questions on Restream Studio Guests

1) Is there a way to communicate with my guests while they are still in the background and not audible to me?

Until you add your guests to the stream and while they are inaudible to you, you can communicate with them using the Private Chat option.

Private Chat for guests in Restream Studio

2) Does my invite link change or is it static?

The invite link for your account's Studio is static and will not change unless you manually choose to refresh and change it. That way, you can share your static link even days or weeks in advance with your guests or change it when you want to limit people's access to your room.

Restream Studio Guests Link

A different unique link is generated when you set up Restream Events so that your guests can be led into that specific event session and not a random stream. If you plan on inviting a guest to a Restream Event, follow the instructions in this guide to grab your event-specific invitation link.

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