LinkedIn Events is a feature that provides members with an easy way to create and join professional events that interest them. Events help grow active, professional communities by building authentic, face-to-face relationships.

Restream now fully supports streaming to your LinkedIn events in a straightforward fashion.

Important: Remember, you need to be verified for streaming by LinkedIn first!

How to connect my LinkedIn event to Restream? 

To start we'll need to create an Event on LinkedIn.

1. Go to your LinkedIn Feed and choose "+" on Event.

2. Fill in your event data such as the name, description, organizer and time. 

3. Now, set the event to "Public" and click create.

4. Then you'll redirect to creating a post, here you can also choose the visibility and add additional context for your post.

5. You will see the link to your event in your browser. Simply copy it.

6. Head over to Restream and choose "Edit settings" on your LinkedIn connected profile.
Tip: You can learn how to connect your LinkedIn here

8. Choose the destination and choose "Event" from the advanced options list.

9. Paste the link of your LinkedIn event you have acquired on point 5 of this guide into the "Event URL" field and hit "Save".

10. Now you are ready to go live to a specific LinkedIn event you have prepared. Simply start your stream to Restream.

11. Your Event will become live on the desired destination.

It is just that easy! Enjoy streaming to your LinkedIn event and connecting with your viewers. 

Ask Questions

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