Important note: Did you know that you can now create an event on LinkedIn straight from Restream? Just go to Restream Event, create an event and share a link to that event with your followers!

LinkedIn Events is a feature that provides members with an easy way to create and join professional events that interest them. Events help grow active, professional communities by building authentic, face-to-face relationships.

Restream now fully supports streaming to your LinkedIn events in a straightforward fashion.

Important: Remember, you need to be verified for streaming by LinkedIn first!

How to livestream to a LinkedIn Event with Restream?

Step 1: Create an Event on LinkedIn

Please follow LinkedIn instructions to create an Event.

It's important to add title and description of the event, as this is what will be visible.

Note: Event’s host (organizer) can either create an Event from an individual profile or as a LinkedIn Page (if the organizer is a Page Admin). The organizer can’t be changed once the Event has been created.

You can set the event visibility to Public or Private. To learn about the difference between Private and Public events, please check this article. We recommend to set the event to Public, if you would like to reach more audience and Private if you would like to stream to a closed group.

Once you click “Create” you’ll be redirected to the Event page. Copy the URL of the LinkedIn Event page.

Step 2: Connect LinkedIn events to Restream

Head over to Restream and choose "Edit settings" on your LinkedIn connected profile.

Tip: You can learn how to connect your LinkedIn here.

  • Choose "Event" from the advanced options list

  • Paste the link of your LinkedIn event into the "Event URL" field

  • Make sure to choose your event visibility (public/private) based on the option you have set in Step 1

  • Hit "Save"

Now you are ready to go live to a specific LinkedIn event you have prepared. Simply start your stream to Restream!

It is just that easy! Enjoy streaming to your LinkedIn event and connecting with your viewers.

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